• Slave’s face getting trampled

    I’ve put my slave’s head in the smother box – but he’s not getting smothered today! I step on the box wearing my sexy high heels and start trampling his trapped face underneath their soles. Unfortunately balancing on the box and his face in heels is a real pain in the ass so I had to take them off after a while and continue the face trampling with my bare feet. His face looks damn funny getting distorted under the pressure!

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  • Brutal high heeled black boots trample

    Mistress Maéva trample brutaly a slave under her high heeled boots, she is realy brutal, she stomp him, choke him, trample his balls, crush his hands, jump on him full weight, stand on his face and throat. Mistress Maéva is realy brutal in this clip.

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  • Kicking heels 3

    Alex and Teodora wear tan pantyhose and high heels. They trample skinny’s upper body. First together, then in turn. One girl makes the ropes on his stomach while the other forces him to suck her heel.

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  • Bella Loves To Break Balls

    Goddess Bella is Back!!… As you watch this clip you’ll know 2 things for certain – that Goddess Bella really does love to break balls & that she learned how to bust nuts from the very best!! This is a close up continuation of Part 1 & one BRUTAL Non-Stop Vicious Beating!! Goddess Megan has taken off her boots & she’s kicking, stomping & trampling the life out of his balls!! Goddess Tangent has one boot off & one boot on & she’s stomping his cock & balls to a pulp with both her sexy high heel boot & just her sweaty smelly stocking foot!! Goddess Bella has taken off one of her boots & she just can’t seem to stop digging her sharp stiletto heel into his bare naked nuts & piercing deep holes in his testicles!! All 3 girls are constantly kicking, stomping, trampling, & completely pulverizing his nuts in any way they can possibly think of! More than once ALL 3 HOT Goddesses decide to stand on his bare naked scrotum at the SAME exact time together – crushing it to an absolute pulp!!

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  • Goddesses Gas Pedal 10 – Part 1

    If you like watching HOT girls wearing SEXY open toe high heel sandals pumping the gas & brake pedals of their cars – you’re going to LOVE this clip! Megan & Paige are two SUPER HOT GODDESSES & they’re both wearing some SEXY open toe high heel sandals that they use to pump, puncture & pierce holes in his nut sack & to crush the life right out of his scrotum! Paige is mashing his cock to a pulp & piercing it with her sharp high heel – like she’s trying to spear a fish! At the same time this is happening Megan is using her sexy open toe high heel sandals to crush both his nuts at once! The girls switch positions & then Paige pumps his balls SUPER HARD! This beautiful blonde goddess has absolutely lost it when it’s her turn to mash his nuts & she starts piercing holes in his balls – like she’s trying to use her sharp high heels to tenderize a piece of meat! Megan & Page work over every inch of his scrotum & completely PULVERIZE it with their sexy high heel sandals!

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  • Cock trampling with my golden ballet flats

    I trample over my slaves nuts with my sexy golden ballet flats! He has to kiss, sniff, suck and lick my feet in my ballet flats and my barefeet! And you are only my cuckold trampling slave!

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  • Janina´s cheated husband

    Janina is a cruel girl. She cheated her husband but that´s already not all! Now she invited her new boyfriend while her old one is lying bound under her feet! He must see how they kiss each other!

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  • Cuckold For Young Couple

    Young Miss Cinn is so in love with Her boyfriend that She treats other guys like sh*t – especially when they’re stupid subs who’ll pay to massage Her feet while She makes out with Her boyfriend!

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